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Forces Françaises à Berlin

History of the French Forces in Berlin

The first contingent of french forces arrived in Berlin on July 3rd, 1945. They were led by General de Beauchesne and occupied Camp Cyclop in the district of Reinickendorf. These troops were from the 1st Armor Division.

On November 4th, 1947 the 46th Infantry Regiment arrived in Berlin. By then french forces occupied the Quartier Napoleon.
In August 1949 the 11th Armored Reconaissance Troop was activated in Berlin. It was renamed to 11th Regiment de Chasseurs a Cheval in 1955 and finally to 11th Regiment de Chasseurs in 1963.

Besides the combat troops a copmany of engineers and a detachment of gendarms were stationed at Quartier Napoleon as well as several other units.
During the Airlift the Tegel Airport was built. After the Airlift french forces took over command over the airport. The 165th Air Base was activated and was also responsible for the civillian air traffic.

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