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Montgomery Barracks

The Barracks were named in honor of Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery *.



The compound was located on Sakrower Straße in Kladow a subdistrict of the Spandau district.
image showing the location of Montgomery Barracks on Berlin map


Map of Montgomery Barracks.

Pre Occupation Forces History

The compund was built between 1935 and 1939. It served as the Signal Shool of the German Air Force.

Occupation Forces History

After WW2 the soviets occupied the barracks for a short time until the british took over their sector.
The barracks housed one of the infantry battalions.
It featured several sports grounds, housing area and a shooting range. The border to the soviet zone went straight through a rubbled building located on the compound.

Post Occupation Forces History

On September 14th 1993 the barracks were taken over by the German Army again. It was renamed to Blücher Kaserne and became the home of the 1st Jäger Regiment until it's deactivation.