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Field Station Berlin - Teufelsberg



The compound was located on the Teufelsberg in the north of the Grunewald forest in the district of Wilmersdorf.
Image showing the location of Field Station Berlin on Berlin map


Map of Field Station Berlin.

Pre Occupation Forces History

In 1937 construction works for the Wehrtechnische Fakultät (military-technical college) started. The plans for the compund were made by Albert Speer Hitler's major architect.
When World War II broke out only the shell of the compound was finnished. Since resources were now needed for more important military projects work on the facility was put to halt.
During the war the place was used to store ammunition. Allied bombing raids damaged the unfinnished buildings. After the war it remains were torn down.

In 1950 the site was used to dump rubble from Berlin's ruins. The hill grew to 55 meters and became the highest point next to the Müggelberge (located in East-Berlin).

Occupation Forces History


Post Occupation Forces History



This picture was taken in 1995. See more Images of Field Station Berlin taken on the same day.